Fashion Survival Guide: How To Have The Perfect Prom Dress At Less Than A Thousand

Prom dresses can cost thousands especially when it has all those lovely intricate designs that you are convinced will show off all your gorgeous assets. With that said, it is not necessary to spend more for a one-night dress and dread your credit card bill at the same time. There are different ways for you to have the perfect prom dress without having to spend too much and some even cost less than a few dollars or so.

Mom’s Closet

One of the best places to get that perfect prom dress is from your mom’s closet or your grandma’s especially if you are having a retro or themed party. The best part is that it is vintage and free. All you need to do is to add accessories or alter it to fit your size and if your mom or grandma is the same size as you are, then all you really need to do is to have it cleaned up. As most clothes are complete outfits, you would probably find several accessories such as rings, bracelets and other fashion accessories that fit the theme as well.

Thrift Shops/Discount Stores

It might sound tacky but finding a good bargain starts at the local discount store or thrift shops. Some also call it “Dollar Store” as all things are sold for a dollar or less. Some clothes may look too worn so patience is the key here. Look at several clothes and more often than not you will find one or two that just have few damages which you can repair yourself. If you love to sew or know someone who is creative, you can probably alter the old design and create a new ensemble.

D-I-Y Dress

If you love getting down and dirty, then designing your own evening gown or prom dress is just the thing. You don’t have to stick with the traditional chiffon or silk to make your own gown as other fabrics or materials would do as well. Some fabrics that you can use include polyester and rayon which cost less than chiffon or silk. If you intend to use silk, there are some shops that can give you discounts if you buy it per yard.

Online Stores

On the downside, if your mom’s or grandma’s clothes are just not the appropriate ones and you are short of time to make your own, you can also check online for bargain or affordable prom dresses. There are plenty of stores in the web that offer celebrity-inspired dresses that are sold for less than the original ones and can only cost you about $100-$200. Some sites also offer half price for clothes that are only worn once by the owner which one can usually find on bid sites. Do however check for the size as well as ask questions about the condition of the dress and the estimate delivery time to ensure that you will get the dress a few days before your prom night.

Shop In Style: Your Online Shopping Guide

Computers have come a long way since the early days. Now, with secure methods to transact business, online shopping has become a popular trend among today’s consumers. Online shopping is a great way to shop, as you can do it in the comfort of your own home without having to venture out to the mall. It’s convenient, you can find novelty items that wouldn’t be available in a store, and you can have items delivered right to your door. With so many perks, it’s no wonder online shopping is the fashionable way to shop. However, there are some important concepts to keep in mind before whipping out your credit card.

Tip #1: Play It Safe
The most important tip to remember when online shopping is to always keep safety in mind. If a website requires you to put in any of your personal passwords, asks for personal information that wouldn’t be needed for a sale, or just seems suspicious, steer clear! Some websites are recognized safe zones, while others have a more seedy reputation. Check the website for the Better Business Bureau to find information and reviews about the website you have selected. Remember, never give out your passwords or other sensitive information!

Tip #2: Check Policies
Another important tip is to check the policies of the website at which you are shopping. Look for answers to questions about the cost of shipping, return policies, samples, and anything else on your mind. Check closely for any hidden clauses to avoid hassle later if you don’t like an item or it doesn’t match what you had in mind. Be aware of any extra fees the company may charge for an online transaction.

Tip #3: Verify, verify
Double check the pricing on an item before you order it. Check your totals on the website and then check your credit card history or other payment history to verify the purchase price. When you receive the article, verify that it is the correct item and that it works correctly. Doing this now can help you avoid problems later.

Tip #4: Leave A Review
If you received good service and a good product, consider leaving a favorable review for the company. Similarly, if you had any problems ordering from the company, if the service was shoddy, or if the item you ordered was not correct, it’s important to leave a poor review so other customers will know what to expect. Doing this is a thoughtful way to give back to the online shopping community, and hopefully others will do the same for you!

Basic Guide To Online Clothes Shopping For Men

Shopping clothes for men can be a very tricky business, especially if he is doing the shopping himself. The bitter truth is there are few men around who are style conscious and can dress up to suit the occasion and their looks and still remain comfortable. In most cases, they just end up buying the first thing that comes in front of them. The situation worsens when the shopping is carried out online. The number of choices, combinations and accessory options that the online shopping avenue provides are enough to baffle even the most fashionable girl. More often than not, men end up buying something that does not suit them at all or is absolutely out of style or simply is a bad choice. Here is a guide to help the simpletons select the trendy clothes online.

Go for the latest style!

When choosing an online retailer, always make sure that you select one that is offering clothes and accessories pertaining to the latest fashion. If you end up going for a retailer that has old style clothes, you won’t have enough choices and will end up buying something that will not be in your best interests as far as fashion is concerned. Your designer shirts, formal shirts, t shirt for men or even boy shirts should always be of the latest fashion.

Go for the complete look!
There is no point in purchasing clothes from websites that offer only one type of clothing. It will only increase your trouble by having to mix and match pieces from various different retailers and brands. With every purchase, go for the complete look-pants, shirts and accessories. It is best to go with those offering you a one-stop shopping trip.


Men’s clothing often tends to be costlier than women’s. Branded t shirt and shirts for men can be pretty expensive, but this does not mean you should buy the first thing you find. When you buy shirts or boys t Shirts online, make sure you get value for your money. Look for bargains if you want to buy statement and signature pieces. However, when buying suits, you should be ready to loosen the purse strings because a good quality and elegant piece of clothing deserves some expenditure.

Style Recommendations

Another handy tool that websites offer today is style suggestions. This is where they feature a particular look on a model and list down the items completing the ensemble. This helps in giving you new ideas when you are trying to create a new look or simply mixing and matching. One handy tool to look out for is style suggestions. These are ideas of professional stylists and will definitely inspire you to create a stunning look of your own.

Size Charts

With online shopping, you cannot try your clothes on before making the purchase. The sizes of shirts, pants and t shirts men wear vary with every brand. It is best that you consider the detailed size chart that online clothes website provide to make sure that a particular item will fit you or not.

Tips For Buying Street-Wise Fashion Accessories

Looking great doesn’t mean having to break the bank. Style is more than money. It’s more than simply opening your wallet and relying on someone else’s creativity. The key is how you buy. The best way is by buying fashion online.

The frugal fashionista knows that using the latest street-wise fashion trends doesn’t always have to do with the price tag, but with her flair for style and colour. Imagination is key; your imagination and that of designer. The latest fashion trends added to a basic, but classic, woman’s wardrobe makes great style available to every woman.

A style maybe truly universal but you can use it to make your own personal variation. Making the popular look work for you with your personal twist is simple when you use by buying fashion online. Why run from one fashion accessories store to another when you can easily shop on your computer?

Doing so enables you to study what’s popular and lets you consider just how you may wish to modify it for your particular shape, size, and age. Don’t be afraid or rushed when you buy fashion accessories.

Let intuition guide. you. If you like it when you see it on your telly or on the computer, but you’re just not raving mad about-it then chances are that it’ll sit in the back of your clothes closet after one or two wearings. Mix and match styles. A sleek knee high boot for nights on the town just might look smashing with your favourite casual wear skirt and a pair of large retro earrings.

Key accessories are purses and bags, belts, bracelets (including watches), necklaces and pendants, earrings, and, of course, shoes. Depending on the season the types of shoes in style might include a whole range. Changing and adding accessory styles to a basic wardrobe is a great idea. For keeping a healthy clothes budget.

Just remember this: shop with your fingers. Use your computer. Look. Browse. Take your time The best way to keep track of the favourite fashion accessories in the UK is by online clothes shopping.

Christmas Shopping by Age

After enough years of shopping for Christmas gifts, one should be able to pin down a formula for what to buy. The different kinds of gifts you buy should reflect the age of the person receiving the gift. Whether you are Christmas shopping online or at the local mall, you must always consider your target audience. Use this Christmas shopping guide to determine what you should and shouldn’t buy come Christmas time.

Age 0-2: Perhaps the easiest people to shop for. Kids this young barely know where they are, let alone what “Christmas” is. At this age, you should introduce children to the idea of Christmas through simple yet useful gifts. Toys that light up. Soft stuffed animals. Tiny socks. These are all common and completely acceptable gifts for infant children.

Age 3-5: At this age, kids will start to play more with toys. More specifically, they will start to determine what toys they like. You can often gauge the child’s interest by seeing their other toys of choice, or seeing how they behave without toys. For girls, this might be the age that they first get into Barbie-type dolls. For boys, they may start to show an interest in cars or action figures. This is a tricky age to buy gifts for, because their preferences are constantly evolving.

Age 6-10: No children look forward to Christmas morning more than this group. During these ages, Christmas becomes New Year’s, Fourth of July, and their birthday all wrapped in one. At this age, it is critical that you know the interests of the child. Boys and girls alike will have a good idea of their hobbies, likes, and dislikes at this age. Many girls will be full-on into dolls and playhouses at this point, even getting into makeup and dress-up. Boys are often into more physical things like sports and action play sets. Video games also enter the equation at this age, and will remain with many kids for the rest of their lives.

Age 11-14: Adolescence. Come middle school, most children tend to “harden up” and gravitate away from childish toys. Girls will get into jewelry, accessories and nice clothes. Boys will get into technology and more into physical activity. And let’s not forget about video games. When buying Christmas gifts for this age group, it is important to consider that they’ve “grown up” and to not rely on childish toys as gifts. Furthermore, the gifts you buy them may steer them more towards the grown-up lifestyle.

Age 15-18: Upon entering high school, “boys and girls” become “men and women,” and their expectations come Christmas time will reflect this. Christmas shopping for these kids should become more about what they need than what they want. Major gifts like cell phones, cars and computers enter the equation at this point. You can also buy some clothes to help prepare boys for manhood. But buy these clothes at your own risk, as they would still prefer video games.

Age 19-22: Ah, college. Christmas shopping is a real challenge for this age. At this age, newly christened “men and women” start to grow up exceedingly fast, and their hobbies and fashion sense will change with them. It is important, then, to ask these kids what they might be in the market for come Christmas time. The lines also begin to get blurry as to what you should buy specifically for girls or boys. A boy may want to trade in the video games for a suit and tie. Likewise, the girl may trade jewelry for more useful things. Not to worry, though. They will get right back into jewelry when they are a little older.

Age 23-30: A cash gift is probably your best bet.

Age 31-beyond: The giftee becomes the gifter. By this age, Christmas becomes more about being with family and getting toys for the newest batch of children. People still love to receive gifts, though. Something nice for the house or apartment is more than acceptable. A piece of art. A kitchen appliance. A new TV. No level-headed adult would pass any of these up. But the greatest gift you can give at this age is quality time and a nice meal with the family. At this age and beyond, Christmas is no longer about receiving gifts. It’s about giving them.

When out Christmas shopping, it is very important to think about the person more than the gift. It’s “the thought that counts,” after all. This phrase will come in handy the first time you buy somebody socks for Christmas. Just say that you wanted to make sure their feet kept warm, and no feelings should be hurt.